Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Little Domino Effect

I was having one of those days yesterday. Apparently Alex was feeling left out that he hadn't contributed, so he decided to knock over a play pen that was standing up against the wall. It seemed like such an innocent act until it knocked into my floor lamp, then the lamp fell onto the entertainment center, which knocked down all my picture frames. Then naturally, the bulb exploded. Stacy was here for this one, too. We put our kids on the couch. Well, she put hers on the couch. I threw mine. ;)

It took us about 40 minutes to clean up all the glass. (Oh yeah, Alex peed on the couch during that time. Probably my fault since I told him he couldn't get up, but it just adds to the day.) As soon as we were done vacuuming, Stacy found a huge piece inside of the toy box. Ugh. The best way to clean that out was to take it outside and dump it. We went through every single toy to make sure there were no shards. While we were out there, Alex and Noah were playing with chalk. Of course Alex had to run into the parking lot at least 3 times.

And then, since the lamp wasn't enough, we're back inside and Alex is begging for juice, so I open the fridge and a container of salmon comes flying out and ends up all over my kitchen floor. AGHHH.

I put Alex to bed and had a few glasses of wine.

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