Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Little Egghead

A couple weeks ago my friend and I were sitting at the kitchen table figuring out what to make for dinner. We were sitting there for 5, maybe 7 minutes, tops.

(kitchen, counter/bar, table)

My overzealous son must have decided that he was too hungry to wait and took matters...eggs...into his own hands.

Stacy: (about to yell, "Oh my GOSH!")
Me: "SHH. Get the camera, get the camera! I'm so blogging this!"

Of course when Alex saw us taking pictures he gave us his (way-too-charming) sneaky smile. (Even though Alex only smiles like that when he's surrounded by whatever damage he just caused, it's probably the most influential smile on planet earth.)

We just started cracking up. I mean, COME ON, my son is such a ninja! Honestly, I was more proud of this one than anything. Clearly my table and the kitchen are not far from each other, I had no music on, no TV and as far as I know Stacy and I aren't deaf. How did we not hear OR SEE him walk into the kitchen, open the fridge, close the fridge and start cracking eggs on my floor?!

Then Alex did something even more amazing...HE CLEANED IT UP HIMSELF!

He had an omelette for dinner...

;) Meaghan

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