Friday, February 1, 2013

Maybe the Batman towel was a bad idea.

My kid is smart.
He knows he's not from Krypton, or ever been bitten by a 
radioactive spider, exposed to gamma radiation, etc. 

He also knows that Batman is 100% HUMAN. 
He's well-aware that Batman is just trained to be a B.A.
Which is why his goal in life is to train to be a B.A. 

Which, I'm going to go ahead and assume, is why he can't 
WALK down the stairs like a normal person.
OH NO! My son has to hang from a towel and then 
WALK (not slide) down the banister to 
He did all of that to get some water. 

How he's managed to stay out of the hospital for over a year is beyond me.

Not going to lie, I'm proud of his knot-tying skills.

*I KNOW this is dangerous, which is why he was punished & was in his room while I was taking these pictures.*


Qait said...

I found you randomly throug pinterest, and I just have to say-- that is one awesome kid! How SMART to figure that out! :D
That's one of those things I'd be secretly smiling/laughing about even though I'd have to tell my kid he's in trouble for doing something dangerous.
Your son is AWESOME (and you seem to be an awesome mom)!

Ninja's Mom said...

Thanks, Quait! Yes, welcome to my life. I'm my son's biggest fan, so I have to be careful/clever about how I punish him. I definitely know how to "choose my battles" when it comes to this one. ;-)