Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Big and strong like MOMMY!

Every day Ninja tells me that he's going to be "big and strong like Daddy." 
Every time he eats food, he tells me it's going to make 
him "big and strong like Daddy."
Every time he climbs or jumps or runs, it's because 
he's "big and strong like Daddy."
And when he watches the Tempest Freerunners on YouTube, 
they allllllllll remind him of Daddy...even the girls. 

Not gonna lie, I'm getting a little jealous. 
I don't necessarily want to be perceived as "big," but
am I not a tough mom? Am I not a cool mom!?

Then today something wonderful happened. As soon as Ninja woke up he said to me, "Can I have coffee and I can be big and strong like Mommy?"

(Yes, I'm a little ashamed that coffee addiction has caused my son to 
believe that it's my super power secret, but I'll take what I can get!)

This morning we enjoyed a nice, steaming cup of 
coffee together while I basked in my greatness. 

Ninja Coffee & Mommy Coffee

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