Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Little Helper :)

As you all know, my son is Mr. Destructo! He can't touch anything without breaking, abusing or misusing it, so obviously Alex is supposed to STAY AWAY from the dishwasher. Last night I was unloading it and he walked over, wanting to play with something he knew was a "no-no", he grabbed a plate and said, "Ha (here) Mama." AWWWW!

He helped me unload and re-load the entire dishwasher! I even let him stand on the door (normally a HUGE no-no) to reach the top rack. I was so proud of my little helper, he was proud of himself. He getting to be such a big boy!

The only time he's ever taken a coffee cup out of the dishwasher and not thrown it! HAHA!

I just love him so much

Look at him using two hands for the plate! :)

Proud Mama!!!

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