Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What happens at Grandma's house, stays at Grandma's house...

...unless your mom likes to blog about you.

For some reason, Ninja was on a roll the other weekend. (Making up for lost sick time???)

We were at Grandma's house for no more than 5 minutes when my sister comes out of the upstairs bathroom saying, "Uh, Meag...ya might wanna come up here." Great.

This might freak you out a bit-but he is totally wasn't as bad as it sounds.

Ninja found himself a bottle of rubbing alcohol (that was nearly empty), dumped it out, rinsed it, filled it up with water and was chugging it when my sister walked in on him...he was supposed to be in there peeing. Apparently, he was "sooo thirsty" and I shouldn't worry because he "cleaned it like Mommy does." *headache*

Of course, Ninja & his "incidents" were the topic of conversation for the next 20 mins amongst his many aunts & uncles. One of which said, "well at least he didn't go up there and cut his hair,"  which in turn sparked another 20 minute convo of when/how/why all of my siblings cut their hair "around his age." (shocker) The obvious, "I'm surprised he hasn't tried it yet" comment was made. (Really, people? SHUT UP!) AND I'm pretty sure someone mentioned the fact that there were hair cutting scissors in the basement bathroom. (I think you know where I'm going with this.) 

An hour later..."MOMMM! I cut my hair!!!"
You'd think my family would learn by now...*shakes head*

Oh yeah-he also tried to EAT my brother's deodorant.
ANNND...I'm not done. The reason I waited so long to tell these stories is because about 3 days after we left my mom's, I got a call from her asking me if I could please find out if Ninja flushed anything down her toilet. Apparently no amount of plunging was unclogging it. So I ask Alex, what did you put in Gracky's (<--that's was he calls her...don't ask) toilet? He says, "Um...some soap, a candle and a ball." Of course you did, son. 

She just got it working again a few days ago. I just HAD to find out if it was Ninja's doing. They had to take the entire toilet out to find the hard, rubber dog ball that was wedged inside. 

Ok, now I'm done. Oh wait...the night before Gma's house was eventful as well. Check out that Ninja tale here.

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