Wednesday, January 25, 2012

AGAIN with the nail polish...

One lovely Saturday night, Ninja & I were going through the normal nighttime routine-bath, jammies, brush teeth, potty, etc. When he was done I sent him to his room to pick out a book to read. 

Of course he didn't do that.

God forbid I should use the bathroom. It takes what, a minute, to pee & wash your hands? Unfortunately for me, a minute in Ninjaland is 30 mins in the real world, because by the time I came out of the bathroom he sure as heck wasn't in his room. 

He was in the kitchen...painting his nails (and my kitchen floor) with dark redxtreme wear/quick dry (of course) nail polish. I lost an entire bottle of nail polish remover that night (and 11 days later, there's STILL nail polish on some of his toes-kudos to Sally Hansen xtreme wear nail polish).

At least he sat on the tile floor to do his handiwork, unlike last time.

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