Saturday, March 30, 2013

mom-0 , ninja-high 5

NORMALLY, I think my son's high fives (from the ground up, literally-he puts the back of his hand on the floor and springs up) are cute, 
cringeworthy...when he does it to his soccer coach or his great-grandma, 
but cute. 

That was until he missed my hand by a good 4 inches.

#1. My 4 year old is way too strong. Time to introduce soda & pizza into his regular diet.
#2. I have since realized that he has IMPECCABLE aim in baseball, soccer, sword-fighting, EVERYTHING, so I'm pretty sure this was on purpose....excuse me while I go congratulate my son for something and high-five him on his ass.

Not sure if you'll even be able to see this, but since this photo was taken about 30 minutes AFTER the high-five, I thought it was blog-worthy.

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