Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Teenage Mutant Ninja Tanuz

This kid thoroughly enjoys playing dress-up. 
He's got at least 5 superhero costumes, a Mickey Mouse costume, a cowboy set, an elephant mask & tail, etc.
Every once in a while he makes up his own. 

When I heard clanking and banging in the hall, I ran over expecting to find him stacking random things in order to climb up to one of my hallway shelves or something. 
I was not expecting to see him trying to run/flailing around, banging into walls as he struggled down the hall with a chair strapped to his back. 
Obviously, I ran and grabbed the camera. (He must have known what I was doing because by the time I got back there he was crawling at lighting speed...i really wanted a video. Brat.)

Now, I think Ninja just got stuck in his chair and was looking for help. 
He *claims* he was "dressing up" like a ninja turtle and wanted to show me.
Which is exactly why I let him figure out how to get out of it himself.

10 whole minutes of not worrying about what he was doing.
It was great.

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