Friday, November 4, 2011

mr. independent

Note to self: Don't take the time to change a baby's diaper unless Ninja is in the same room as you are. Rookie mistake.

Guess he wanted coffee cake to go with the coffee from earlier.
Let's not freak out about the fact that he used a knife, I think we should marvel at that perfectly cut piece. Or that he even took the time to cut a piece and was planning to put the rest away. I'm pretty sure my 3-year-old self would have grabbed the whole thing and started munching away.
P.S. Ninja's seriously getting faster.
It takes what, 45 seconds, to change a diaper?
How did he get all of these things done in less than a minute?

And can we just talk about the fact that he put the coffee cake in tupperware?

He's driving me nuts with the damn tupperware.

Ninja gets an apple, he puts in tupperware. He gets a tomato (yes, a whole tomato, which he eats like an apple), it goes in tupperware. Fruit snacks, tupperware. ONE piece of cheese, tupperware. 

Usually Ninja gets snacks himself (w or w/o permission), but even if I were to give him a packet of fruit snacks, on the other side of our apartment, he would walk back to the kitchen just to get a "bowl" to put it in. It's my fault, really. He used to find it extremely difficult to keep any of his snacks in their containers and food would be stuck all over my walls, carpets, beds, tv's, etc. I began enforcing the SMALL bowl rule for snacks...but he's the one who turned it into an obsession. I mean, seriously, he won't even use the same tupperware twice in a day. He will inspect it and deny it if I try to trick him. 

I found these in his room from the past two days.
What a freak.

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