Thursday, May 19, 2011


I WAS just going to post pics of his potty charts & such, but it never fails...there's always a story with this kid. 

So, we are in the midst of potty training and this morning NInja woke up with his first DRY diaper! YAYY! I was so excited, I took his diaper off, praised him for about 2 mins and sent him to the bathroom to go potty. Little did I know he took a wrong turn and ended up in my room. As I approach the bathroom (which is directly across from my room), I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. It was Ninja standing up, hands on hips, with A STREAM OF PEE FLOWING OUT ONTO MY FRESHLY MADE BED!  

I'm sure he's VERY confused bc I spend the next 10 mins yelling at him for peeing on my bed and congratulating him for having a dry diaper. I can't win.

This is our potty chart door.
The Potty Ladder that he will have to "climb" in order to get a BIG surprise! ;)

A more detailed record of how many times he's using the potty throughout the day.
The 5th week is our trip to Miami...hopefully he'll be a pro at that point.

I put one of the sticky hooks on the bathroom door & hung my stickers & marker in a plastic bag.

Proud NInja. (He put his own undies on...if ya can't tell)

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Cara said...

Ok so about the potty training, after awhile the kids get over the stickers real fast! So getting a bigger prize like you said would be a good idea. Now that Wyatt IS potty trained he is back into the stickers LOL