Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Great. I'm screwed.

We moved to Chicago this past January. Our building is not very old (for Chicago), i think about 52 years...give or take a few, anyway, the doors in our apartment are the same age as the building and for doors-that's old. I foolishly believed that they were strong enough to endure Ninja's torture. I was wrong. Alex does not like having his door locked & tends to shake & kick the door when it's locked, but mama doesn't like waking up in the morning and finding out that her son is worse than a puppy who broke out of his crate. SO-we crate him, I mean, we lock his door...this was the one place I could put Alex and know he would be safe at night, when I take a shower, etc. and now, he's DESTROYED it! The damn thing won't even close all the way. He completely ripped the doorknob through the wood of the door. Rabid beast child. Whoosah. Now, we have double gate the hallway so Ninja doesn't have access to the rest of the apt, but that doesn't help with bedtime...another day, another story.

All I know is the hubby better get me a new door for that kid ASAP...maybe a steel door, or a vault door or something. What do you think??

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