Friday, March 25, 2011

My Little Tag Twister

Alex has this strange habit that's starting to freak me out. He likes to wrap his fingers in tags. It almost sounds funny, right? For as long as I can remember he would rub his stuffed animal & blanket tags together when he was watching tv or falling asleep, I didn't think much of it because I used to do that when I was a kid. I still do that sometimes. ;) LOL

BUT, I started to notice that he would only go to sleep if he had the end of his blanket with the tag close to his face or his big monkey (that has 2 tags) with him. A little strange. Still, no major problems. Until a couple of weeks ago when he woke up around 3 am hysterically crying. Miguel and I ran in there just to find out that he had his stuffed animal's tag wrapped so tightly around his finger that we had to cut it off. His pointer finger was so swollen and in pain from having the blood circulation cut off it actually woke him up. I mean, this thing was swollen. :( And Alex was pretty scared. I was kind of scared, the tip of his finger was pretty blue. Anyway, I got the swelling down, cut off the culprit's tag and the blankie tag and put him to bed with us.

The next day, I went through his bedding & sleeping animals and cut off all the other tags he could possibly use to do that crap again. Nap time came around, he was asleep by 2 PM and I was in there cutting a tag off at about 2:35 PM!! How wrong was I to assume that there would be no more finger-tag problems with my ninja?! He had gone into his dresser, found a pair of pj pants with a tag and used that to wrap around his thumb which was now swollen and pulsating. UGH. I cut that tag off and took out all of his dresser clothes for fear he would do it again...

That was the last sleeping incident, but he does this ALL the time. Any time he sees a tag, he has to wrap it on a finger. You wouldn't believe how many freaking tags there are in one condo. (Not to mention all the tags at Gramma's house...)

Anyway, there isn't much I can do except make sure our home is tag-free and keep a pair of scissors handy, but it's really freaking me out since he seems a little obsessive about it.

What do you think? Anyone else dealt with something similar? Are you freaked like me?

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