Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Little Water Fight

When Alex wakes he gets a cup of milk. For snacks, he gets juice (twice a day-max). Lunch and dinner is a toss up between milk and water. Any other time of the day he gets water, and honestly, that can be anywhere from 5-7 times/day. He's very active so he drinks A LOT. Anyway, he screams & throws a fit EVERY SINGLE TIME I give him water. I don't understand why he still fights me on this. It's not like this kid used to get juice all the time and I suddenly dropped a water bomb on him. I have tried SO MANY ways to get Alex to want water. I've let him, unsuccessfully, help pour the water from the carafe. (He kicked his cup across the floor when he realized it was water he just poured-gotta love the terrible twos) *whimper*. I've tried to make it fun by putting in ice cubes, lemons, cucumbers, etc. I've tried warming it up, giving it to him in a "big boy" cup and letting him use a straw...NONE of that works.
I know that he NEEDS water. I know that HE knows that he NEEDS water, or at least that he needs to quench his thirst.
My latest tactic is to completely ignore Alex's loud opposition to water being poured into his sippy cup, calmly place the cup on the counter and walk away. He cries...and cries....and cries, after about 5-10 mins he'll quietly walk up, grab the cup, mutter "thank you" and run to his room to chug it down. Guess all that screaming makes him thirsty.
I guess it's good that he eventually drinks it, but my post tantrum headache sucks.


Cara said...

Put little toys in the ice cubes before you freeze them. Maybe that will work. I give Wyatt milk with meals and juice or water for snacks. And if he is good I will add chocolate to the milk.

Ninja's Mom said...

Yeah, well, I have weird child who doesn't like Chocolate! LOL
The toy idea is interesting. I'll probably try that when I'm sure he won't just dump out all of the water and try to swallow the ice cubes whole. LOL