Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Little Tech Wiz

My tech-savvy 21 month old son knows how to:

1. Turn his TV on and turn the volume up or down to his preference.

2. Take a dvd out of it's case. Hold it on his finger (so it doesn't get scratched). Turn the dvd player on, put the dvd in the right way and close it. If the remotes weren't so high up, I'm sure he could make it play.

3. Work a computer. Sometimes I let Alex watch old fashioned Donald Duck cartoons on YouTube. A few weeks ago, Alex was on the couch watching one and about 5 mins into it, the laptop went dim. I thought he was going to throw a fit or something, but he just calmly (without even looking away from Donald) reached his hand out and touched the mousepad to "wake" it back up. (Usually it's on the charger when he watches cartoons and doesn't do the energy-saving dimmer.) Miguel and I burst into laughter. He is NEVER allowed to touch the laptop, but after that-we couldn't even reprimand him! I was proud of him.

4. Since #3 happened, I have been letting him "get to know" the laptop a little. Now he knows how to somewhat maneuver the mouse with the pad, start/stop the videos on YouTube, take a picture on our Photo Booth application (once I get it started) and can tell me where my photo albums are (by pointing) on my Facebook profile.

So...is this normal? :P


PS I would just like you all to know that in order to put this link on my Facebook, the security code I had to type in was "disarray subverting" BAHAHAAA! Even Facebook security knows how my son is. ;)

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