Thursday, June 27, 2013

Q & A

Q: Guess what happens when you crawl backwards UP 
(I thought it was down, Ninja just corrected me) the stairs?? 

A: You get your arm stuck between a post and a step. 

Just ask my son, he got his arm stuck in a spot smaller than 
the width of two of my fingers. 

Just FYI, popsicles make all boo-boos better.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Nothing's ever good enough...

It's FINALLY starting to get warm in Chicago so 
Ninja and I spent the entire day outside. 
We played soccer, colored with chalk, picked dandelions, started a rock garden...I even let him put bugs on me without freaking out.

It was perfect.

Well, at least I thought it was perfect.

Apparently SOMEONE wasn't feeling it, 
because the second I turned my back, he tried to escape. 

He would have scaled it too, had I not started screaming and scared the piss out of him.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

mom-0 , ninja-high 5

NORMALLY, I think my son's high fives (from the ground up, literally-he puts the back of his hand on the floor and springs up) are cute, 
cringeworthy...when he does it to his soccer coach or his great-grandma, 
but cute. 

That was until he missed my hand by a good 4 inches.

#1. My 4 year old is way too strong. Time to introduce soda & pizza into his regular diet.
#2. I have since realized that he has IMPECCABLE aim in baseball, soccer, sword-fighting, EVERYTHING, so I'm pretty sure this was on purpose....excuse me while I go congratulate my son for something and high-five him on his ass.

Not sure if you'll even be able to see this, but since this photo was taken about 30 minutes AFTER the high-five, I thought it was blog-worthy.

Friday, March 22, 2013

that is a penis

I thought he said it was "Daddy AS a Monster" 
maybe he said it was "Daddy's Monster."

Friday, February 1, 2013

Maybe the Batman towel was a bad idea.

My kid is smart.
He knows he's not from Krypton, or ever been bitten by a 
radioactive spider, exposed to gamma radiation, etc. 

He also knows that Batman is 100% HUMAN. 
He's well-aware that Batman is just trained to be a B.A.
Which is why his goal in life is to train to be a B.A. 

Which, I'm going to go ahead and assume, is why he can't 
WALK down the stairs like a normal person.
OH NO! My son has to hang from a towel and then 
WALK (not slide) down the banister to 
He did all of that to get some water. 

How he's managed to stay out of the hospital for over a year is beyond me.

Not going to lie, I'm proud of his knot-tying skills.

*I KNOW this is dangerous, which is why he was punished & was in his room while I was taking these pictures.*

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Big and strong like MOMMY!

Every day Ninja tells me that he's going to be "big and strong like Daddy." 
Every time he eats food, he tells me it's going to make 
him "big and strong like Daddy."
Every time he climbs or jumps or runs, it's because 
he's "big and strong like Daddy."
And when he watches the Tempest Freerunners on YouTube, 
they allllllllll remind him of Daddy...even the girls. 

Not gonna lie, I'm getting a little jealous. 
I don't necessarily want to be perceived as "big," but
am I not a tough mom? Am I not a cool mom!?

Then today something wonderful happened. As soon as Ninja woke up he said to me, "Can I have coffee and I can be big and strong like Mommy?"

(Yes, I'm a little ashamed that coffee addiction has caused my son to 
believe that it's my super power secret, but I'll take what I can get!)

This morning we enjoyed a nice, steaming cup of 
coffee together while I basked in my greatness. 

Ninja Coffee & Mommy Coffee

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

hi, my name is Meaghan and I'm a Ninja enabler.

Not too long ago, my bother was reading Ninja's blog and decided to text me saying, "ur kid is crazy. fyi...ur an enabler." 
He's right. 
I give Ninja the power to act the way he does.
In my defense, I want to let him be himself and 
encourage how brave & creative he is.
Plus, most of the time it's in controlled *depending on your definition* situations.

Perfect example:
If I let Ninja scale a wall...

ps. i love that there's a wall like this in my building.
i believe in fate.
I really can't get that mad about him scaling our bathroom wall...

 or can I?

*in all seriousness-I do talk to Ninja about the dangers of his antics & he does get punished for some of his extreme activities*